Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Tagged: Summer Songs

Tagged By: the lovely Live Fast, Die Pretty

My 7 Songs for Spring SUMMER!
Brand New- Lil Wayne
Can't Tell Me- Soldiers of Jah Army
The Anthem- Pit Bull feat. Lil Jon
Dance, Dance, Dance- Lykke Li
Nothing to Hide- Rebel Souljahz
Knock Three Times- Tony Orlando and Dawn
1963- Rachael Yamagata

I'm Tagging: Pretty Legit, Carol Han, The Fashion Cupboard, Michele Lau, and Raven!

What are the rest of you listening to now? Enjoy the weather and/or no school days! :)

1 comment:

ray said...

diverse list.
my musical selections are pretty diverse too.

this summer...im pretty much addicted to 3 albums: the new Coldplay, Kanye's latest, and Britney Spears latest.
Yes...I love Brit's music...go ahead and stone me to death.


ahh..why cant summer last alllll year????