Friday, August 29, 2008

Guess Who?

PAYLESS, that's who!

My hunt for a new shoe took me to Payless. As you can see, you shouldn't underestimate them! (Though this pair is designed by alice + olivia.)

I had an amazingly comfortable pair of gladiators from Payless circa 2004 (not to brag or anything...) that I got for a meager $10. I wore them to death for 2+ years. Soon after, I replaced them with BCBG ones for $40ish from Nordstrom Rack and those bitches broke in a couple of months.


Dapper Kid said...

Oh WOW they look fantastic! I always find it odd how sometimes you can buy cheapo things that last for aaaages, and other times they fall apart instantly.

DaisyChain said...

Oh, I wish we had payless in England!

Abby said...

i've personally been unimpressed with the alice + olivia line for payless :(

Anonymous said...

i've been waiting forever for the new alice + olivia shoes to come out! i got 2 pairs from the spring line for payless. and the fall line was looking promising. i need to hop by the website and order me some. =)

enc said...

Getouttahere, I don't believe it! Did you try these on?

KATLIN said...

enc- No, didn't try it on, just saw them online. But I definitely want to go in store to see them for myself! I mostly want to see what the quality is.

♥ fashion chalet said...

Cool shoes<3

Thanks for the comment, dear. :)

miss a. said...

I saw these in Vogue a few weeks ago and thought they looked fantastic. I think I need to get a pair.

Just wanted to say thanks for the positive vibes - I think they worked because this week was absolutely FLAWLESS. So glad Monday's off so I can actually live some kind of life.

chauss said...

thanks for stopping by my blog. come by anytime.

Muff Stit said...

ARE U KIDDING ME? thats one kickass payless.
though i can never find one decent pair in my size....oh miseryy.


rohit said...

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donna AND navaz said...

Hey Katlin, we answered your question on our blog!

Nature Grafitti said...

i love those boots!
I've never been to payless, but you've sparked my interest ;)

Melissa said...

I am shocked that those are from Payless. They're so...chic and pretty!
Link exchange?