Sunday, September 14, 2008

Favorite New York Looks

Jenni Kayne / Abaete / Thakoon

Peter Som / Yigal Azrouel / Doo.Ri

Juan Carlos Obando / Chris Benz / ADAM

Koi Suwanagate / Doo.Ri / Jenni Kayne

Alexander Wang / Daughters by Obedient Sons / Catherine Holstein

I live in a perpetual summer, so I always enjoy seeing the spring collections because it's stuff that I want to wear NOW. The NY collections for spring 2009 were no different. So many things that I want NOW. Umm, any designers want to send me an early Christmas present because I could soooo wear this now.
And geez, I'm so consistent/repetitive with what I like. All my looks have similar silhouettes and veer on a little boring/old. Sometimes I can be so predictable, but not really because everyone tells me that I'm really hard to shop for because I can be super picky and I generally like to make my own decisions. :)

Looking forward to London... What were your favorites from New York??


Audrey Leighton said...


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enc said...

Doo.Ri does it for me.

Anonymous said...

i think it's okay to be consistent/repetitive with what you like. it shows you know what you want. =)

i'm working on a ny fashion week post too! for my favorite outfits. i'm having a hard time. =/ hah.

perpetual summer does make me prefer spring looks too. =)

choppyshades said...

Dude. Doo. Ri is hooot.

Letitia said...

lol early christmas presents? nice..i will be sure to send you some pieces then since i decided to do spring 09 instead of rushing for winter...

Dapper Kid said...

Oh wow, love all of these! And it's so true, I always want to go buy pieces straight after the collections are shown.


ahhh.... how can we not love fashion... always changin' so fab hee!
Thank you! Just to let you know that my NEW blog is finally be xtra nice, click on 'comment' and tell me what u think please...heehee!

Nadine said...

It does seem silly to have to wait now that anyone can immediately see what's out there, and in HI we don't have to because it's pretty much spring/summer weather year 'round.

Joanna Goddard said...

gorgeous. the peter som is especially adorable.