Friday, September 12, 2008

Fluid & Pure

Richard Chai / Devi Kroell / Doo.Ri
I wish I had miles of legs to pull this look off.
Okay, now please slap my wrist for saying that and becoming victim to wanting to look like a long stick.

Spring 2009


STEFANIE said...
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STEFANIE said...

Wow I love the look on the right! What show is it from?

Anonymous said...

i'm laughing at your long legs comment! haha. i would actually trade bigger boobs for longer legs. i don't want to look like a stick -- i just want long legs! haha. =) like mile long ones yay! haha.

and YES to the florals. =) i wasn't a big fan of florals. and i didn't really get into the big floral trend that has been going around. but, that one dress i posted i just fell in love with. and that awesome blazer combo at daughters pulled at my heart strings. ugh! florals will change your life. once you find that one that you really like! =)