Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Insert Your Superhero Name Here

We say "secret identity," and adopt a series of cloaking strategies to preserve it; but what we are actually trying to conceal is a narrative; not who we are, but the story of how we got that way - and by implication, of all that we lacked, and all that we were not, before the spider bit us. And yet at the same time, as I have suggested, our costume conceals nothing, reveals everything: it is our secret skin, exposed and exposing us for all the world to see. Superheroism is a kind of transvestism; our superdrag serves at once to obscure the exterior self that no longer defines us while betraying with half-unconscious panache, the truth of the story we carry in our hearts, the story of our transformation, of our story's recommencement, of our rebirth into the world of adventure, of the story itself.

-excerpt from Superheroes: Fashion and Fantasy


enc said...

I think I try to tell everyone everything about me with what I wear so they know more about me.

I suppose that makes me a narcissist and an exhibitionist.

MR style said...

yeah i think u have to reveal more about u so the people would be interested ! it's a bit perverse tough