Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Pastel Shoes

Ever since seeing this picture of Rachel Comey's shoes (via Refinery 29) from her most recent show, I've been obsessed with finding my own pair of pastel shoes, preferably in lavender.

So I searched and the only thing I've liked is this:

Slow and Steady Wins The Race shoes, from Revolve Clothing, $100
I love the mix of suede, canvas, and leather in it. Don't love the price.

I'm thinking about dying a pair of white Vans Era with some purple fabric paint... Is this a bad idea to do? I'd just paint the canvas part somehow and avoid the rubber sole and the inside.

Any suggestions about how to dye it or where to find some cheap pastel oxfords?


Emily said...

i've never dyed shoes, but i'd keep them the way they are! they're super versatile and you wouldn't have to worry about them changing colors in the rain.

miss a. said...

I actually had the incredible luck of meeting Mary Ping when she debuted the second part of her Slow & Steady Wins the Race collection, and her stuff is really fantastic. The quality of the fabrics and the stitching she uses is really amazing. She has a very defined vision that she really adheres to.

But anyway, on the cheaper end, maybe Keds? You should be able to pick up some at consignment stores for really cheap.

Anonymous said...

ah. rachel comey! ahh! =) i was going to be all i love those $100 pair of shoes until i realized they were $100. =/

Anonymous said...

it should be easy to do - just biy some cheap white plimsols and use fabric paint, like dylon or something - i reckon using watered-down fabric paint would be easier than actually dying them.

STEFANIE said...

Wow that is how my shoe closet should look like! (not that I have an actual shoe CLOSET ^-^) But yeah buy the fabric paint you put in the washing machine and the rubber sole won't be coloured normally, a friend of mine did it and her shoes look great!

SOTTO said...

I was overwhelmed by all the pretty colors and shoes in that Refinery29 picture, too. I was just going to post it ... just may.

The Stylish Wanderer said...

god! I want them!!! BADBABDBADBAD