Monday, September 8, 2008

Reading Material

Stop looking at all the clothes and let your brain refocus on some words! :)

The Shape of Things to Come - WSJ Magazine
Roland Mouret, maker of beautifully tailored dresses, talks about the direction of the fashion industry. I enjoyed reading his insights and found myself agreeing with a lot of what he had to say. Highly recommended!

The Sun Never Sets on the Runway - Eric Wilson, NY Times
I knew there were other fashion weeks besides the big four (NY, London, Milan, Paris), but I had no idea that there was at least one every month. But I guess when you do start to think about it, it would make sense that there were so many fashion weeks going on because it's such a great way for a smaller city or country to showcase local talent and establish themselves in the fashion world. Can you imagine a few years (or even next year) when other fashion weeks become more established and buyers and editors have to start going to more to keep up? Eek, fashion week is every week!

Asian Models Blog
This blog is keeping an unofficial count on the number of Asian models making an appearance during fashion week. They also frequently post editorials and advertisements featuring Asian models.

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