Monday, October 13, 2008

Fall at Topshop

In June, I did this post about what I wanted from Topshop's fall stuff.

I find it really weird that things I've recently been obsessed with - bowler hats and fringe - are what I lusted over then, especially since I'm always changing my mind.

Even weirder is that I completely forgot about this post until now.

Maybe it's The Secret in action... I've told the universe "Hey, these are pretty, send them my way in a few months!" and then the universe sends me Lulu (bowler hat inspiration) and Jil Sander (fringe inspiration).

Maybe if I keep doing this they'll magically arrive in my mailbox! I can dream right?

Anyways, here's some of my Topshop picks that I'm thinking about getting (no $80 black fringe dress because I'm a cheap ass)

1. Asymmetric Fringe Tee / Loooveeeeeeee
2. Flat Purple Sandals / Kinda like the lavender Rachel Comey ones I posted, but in my size!

As you can see, I broke my shopping spell. But I've limited my purchases to only things that I love. And I think I love these Topshop items. And the shoes come in size five, the smallest is usually a six!

Oh, and I always feel it's appropriate to supply pictures of what I'm talking about, but I am lazy. Heh heh. But doesn't just words really make you read?


Emily said...

topshop is so hit or miss for me, but you've certainly found some winners! i do hope to see pics though if you do buy them :)

*~The World is My Catwalk~* said...

I love topshop!!! We have only a few stores here in the Philippines and I totally go broke everytime I leave them... boo to their prices here.. too high!!

BTW, I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!! You have such a cute face!!

J. said...

*drool* you've found some really adorable stuff! love!

Hot Bot said...

Gosh, who doesn't loooove Topshop? It's so amazing! Isn't shipping here incredibly expensive?

aimée in the sky said...

"I've limited my purchases to only things that I love."

i love too many things =(