Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Little Boy's Shoes

Yes, my feet are small enough to fit in kids' shoes. I hated it in high school, but now I'm okay with it because I can get really cute CHEAP shoes. Muahaha.

The navy suede ones are from J. Crew and the brown babies are from Gap. I think I'm gonna get the Gap ones because they're cheaper ($35!) and I've actually seen them in store. The sales girl made me feel really uncomfortable when I was trying them on and I was so tired I just left.

Yeah, so this is the kind of stuff I search for when I'm supposed to be writing my paper. Okay, now back to researching batiks!


J. said...

Much more fun than papers, though!
Is it tough to find heels? You've clearly got a leg up (no pun intended) on the whole comfy shoes thing though!

Hot Bot said...

HOLY SMOKES! Katlin, you need to go to Catherine's Closet ASAP because she's got these cuuuuute brown suede cut-out bootie things (at least I think they're cute...) that needs a tiny foot. When I was there, I wished I could fit them. But they only fit on my hands.

Darragh said...

I always shop when I'm supposed to be writing papers :)
I like the J. Crew ones better (I think they have more character) but the Gap ones are cute too!

kris said...

ha ha! i read blogs when i'm supposed to be writing papers... >_< get it? ha ha!

Susanna-Cole said...

Adore the shoes on the left! :) And oh well even though I'm 5'8" something, I have really small feet for my height (that trait is genetic actually, the tall people in my family have small feet) so I can sometimes still fit in kids shoes especially kids shoes that are boy's. I also buy my Converse high tops in kids, because it's cheaper that way! :D

Thanks for your sweet comment! Oh you're going to NYC this summer? NYC is the best! ;) (Though I could be biased! :P) Are you going just to visit or for any particular reason? :)


Cakemaster said...

I love it too! I'm a size 5/6; I get comments on them all the time.
Love your blog btw!