Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Ho Ho Ho

I found Santa. He's still getting his shit together.

Sunday was my lucky day because I wasn't even planning on Christmas shopping, but I came across six perfect presents all for amazing deals.

And is it weird that I ask for donations to this charity, but I still buy presents for others? If I had a choice, I wouldn't buy people things because (even though I'm not religious) that's not what Christmas is about.

Though, I really like giving someone something that they've wanted because it shows that I really do listen even if I act like I don't. :)


Anonymous said...

OH! Is that the santa that goes in front of Honolulu Hale?

I love buying people things for Christmas either to show that I pay attention as well. I'm pretty good at picking up on the little things so I like surprising them when I remember. =)

J. said...

haha, that's really a cute picture!

i love christmas shopping personally - i love being able to light up someone's face. or even just show that i care. i think it's the little gestures that count. my school does lots of drives and we donate presents to schools that truly deserve it.

Merily said...

I agree, Christmas shopping makes you feel so good! But I always get many bright idea right after I had bought the gift, I don't know why.

fashion herald said...

if only i had it this together for Xmas!