Friday, January 2, 2009

last and first day

Everyone here is either:
1. In higher spirits
2. Doesn't have their priorities straight
3. Buying illegal

1. The fireworks have been going off since Thanksgiving and no one follows that 9pm-1am on the eve rule.
2. The economy sucks, right? OK, just checking.
3. The aerials shooting up from our neighbors' houses are rivaling the professionals.


Hot Bot said...

Hear hear! Happy New Year girlie :)

Sal said...

Rollicking good times. Happy happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

Haha -- I love that in Hawaii anywhere you go on New Years is a fireworks show. I want to find out how much these aerials cost so I can count how much money was spent on the five hundred million fireworks I saw going off on New Years Eve. It is insanity! Do you know people actually take out loans to purchase them? Crazy!

STEFANIE said...

hehe ^-^
Happy New Year!!

melly said...

your fascinator's pretty!