Saturday, January 24, 2009

so hot

Smoking hot Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin directed short film for Yves Saint Laurent

Choice words from this film:

I want to hear the sound of six zippers…
whispering on your unbuttoned crepe shirt
So I find your functional part
In these trousers draping your roaming thigh…
hinting at the slimness of your legs
And despite the criss-crossing of these pure lines
You spread your thighs for me so I can touch

I want to be in the rolled-up arms of your sweater…
On your forearms, sleeves above the elbows
It clings yet floats in wool muslin
on your light grey trousers with their pure line

It blends practical with pleasant then cinches in
To the same belt again, barely disguised
Cross and uncross, tension of release
…You take pleasure from me and I delight

And it's totally safe to watch in public because the frame always stays on his face and it's spoken in French.


Valentine said...

Just reading those lines made me all shivery.. I must watch this. I should go do it now. :-)



Luce said...

wow. also, whaat? but amazing, nonetheless.

Alice X said...

whoa, that is soo poetic and sexy.