Thursday, February 12, 2009

5, 5 dollar foot looooong

switch out the shoes, add a hat


Getting To Know You, tagged by Dane

Describe your personal style
Evolving / based on classics and comfort / little details

What are the staples in your wardrobe
Denim shorts, comfy t-shirts, sneakers, big rings

What is your signature look
Oversize on top, fitted on bottom, sneakers for day, stacked at night, rings

Who is your fashion muse
The world and its peeps around me

Favorite purchase of all time
Just one???

Biggest splurge
My camera

What's your beauty routine
Wash, toner, lotion, tinted moisturizer, powder, mascara, run fingers through hair

What jewelry do you never take off
I take it all off, the easiest thing to keep on is my beaded bracelet, made for me by my uncle... it has pieces of black coral that my other, now deceased, uncle dived for on the Big Island

What are you wishing for

What are your obsessions
Reading blogs, collecting bad ass rings, etc

4 Things, tagged by Cakemaster

4 places I go the most
School, work, grocery store, online (boooorrring)

4 people that e-mail me the most
Mom, my boss, email blasts from stores

4 favorite smells
Grapefruit, wet paint, fresh air, sexy

4 places I rather be
Lying on a hammock at the beach in the shade listening to Lauryn Hill, in a isolated treehouse in the forest eating Indian food with lots of magazines, looking at pyramids in Egypt with my friend Jamie or on my bed sleeping

4 TV shows I watch
Lost, Top Chef, Jon and Kate Plus 8 and uh, the news


kris said...

indian quesadillas would be extremely convenient to consume whilst in a the forest...

KATLIN said...

Kris - Don't forget the garlic naan, masala and eggplant curry! And this is all to be delivered by Maharani Cafe, not Cafe TajMahal! :)

Anonymous said...

oooo. c3po! i've always wanted to be a jedi. =D i totally love star wars. one day i want to watch them all in order and not leave the couch until i'm finished. =D

melly said...

yay Top Chef!

STEFANIE said...

Love the picture!
I always love reading these things!
Oh and your biggest splurge, what camera do you use? ^-^

Rabenschwarz said...

this picture is totally stunning.

yiqin; said...

I love big rings too! & If they are not big enough I have to layer!

Sindy said...

you have no idea how much I wish I can move to Hawaii . haha

oh man, I love Top Chef and Jon & Kate plus 8.

Hot Bot said...

You and your friends were so cute Wednesday night! I felt like Sloppy Sally and Carlin told me he didn't think my glasses went with my look. LOL.

Nature Grafitti said...

lovely photo :)
happy valentines day!!

KATLIN said...

Farren - You can come to my dad's house, we've got them all! :)

Melly - I only wish I could cook like them... let alone cook myself a proper meal, I'm so lazy!

Stefanie - Canon Rebel XTI

Rabenschwarz - Thanks!

Yiqin - I'm not too big on layering, just because I have small fingers and rings can't fit on mine too high up :(

Sindy - The weather is sooo nice now, I love our so-called winter because it's not too hot!

Hot Bot - Hahaha, you looked fine, girl! I'm so glad you came!

Nature Grafitti - Thanks! You, too!