Tuesday, March 3, 2009

High Five

I got a tattoo of a pyramid.

Starfish image from National Geographic, of course


Anonymous said...

oh god! i am all a;lkmv alkvem over that starfish photo. i love sea creatures! looooooove them. i once saw a video of this huge starfish rolling over tiny starfish and eating all of them. it's so sad. =/

miss a. said...

wait, where's your tattoo? or is this some kind of metaphor? omg, i'm losing all my brain cells after watching all those romanian street kids snort paint in that documentary.

Brigadeiro said...

Hey, thanks for dropping by my blog! In answer to your question, Koi Suwannagate (non Phillip Lim collaboration pieces) are hard-to-find, and I only know of her online store (I survive on online shopping mostly) at http://www.koisuwannagate.com/OnllineShop/index.html

I couldn't find Hawaii in her 'stockist' list:

Sindy said...

oooh tattoo. how bad does it hurt on the thigh?

and is that a real starfish on a huge one?

wrennybird said...

That ring is amazing!
Thanks for stopping by my blog. You probably figured this out already but I have some behind the scenes Coraline pics up in the Feb. archives.
You have a great eye for design; I'll have to stop by here more often.

Shini said...

Again, beaaautiful post! love how you keep bringing national geographic images, they really make the atmosphere... That nailcolour! love it, its not really blue blue, but quite dusty...what is it :D?!

Pyramid tattoo sounds like a great choice, when I think of tattoos I think of tacky roses :P is it on the thigh where its showable ;)?

(I don't study Jewellery, I study graphic desgin ;)!)

May Kasahara said...

love the photos.
want to see the tattoo! i feel like mine haven't seen the light of day in months. booo.

Sal said...

You're such a tease. Let's SEE it.

KATLIN said...

Farren - Oh no, they're cannibals?!

Miss A - Haha, no metaphor. Just randomness! And it's on my upper thigh, another random place.

Brigadeiro - Aw, too bad. I would LOVE to see her stuff in person!

Sindy - It was ok... as it got higher up it was more sore. Just felt like a burn being pushed in the skin.

Wrenny - I'll check it out!

Shini - I got my nails done somewhere and I can't remember the name... it was OPI though. Darn, I knew I should've double checked!

May - Eek, I dunno about showing it to the world on my blog... Maybe if I see you in person one day! :)

Brook and Lyn said...

I just checked out Koi Suwannagate its lovely...expensive but really some gorgeous things.

KATLIN said...

Sal - Heh heh! :)

Brook and Lyn - Her stuff is nice, huh? I requested images of her shoes from fall 09 for an article I just did and was drooling! The clusters at the back are made of cashmere!

style munch said...

supercool ring. where did you get it?
im actually obsessed with rings so pleeease do let me know(: xx

Anika said...

Whoa, want that silver ring...slight obsession with long rings!

Show the pyramid tatt, please pretty please? ;)