Sunday, May 31, 2009

HI to NY

I'm baaaack! It feels so nice to be back home in HI, but I really do miss the high energy of NY! There's a lot of pictures to sift through (and it's summer, which means I'm gonna be lazy!) so I'll be posting more throughout this month.

This trip was live in the moment kinda move. When the chance to go came up, I said hell yes without really thinking about all the expenses. I have no regrets on going at all, now I'm just torn about my post-graduation plans. Should I move to New York or go with a safer and cheaper option? 

Also, this summer I had wanted to do more live in the moment moves that I usually don't have time for, like taking salsa lessons, a silver clay ring class and hiring someone to teach me how to drive. All along with jobs and internships. All which require additional time and money. Oh, and then there are my student loans waiting to attack my bank account once I get my diploma in December.


And continuing on my ramble, my Google Reader was at 1000+ after two weeks of no computer. I read the good stuff, then marked everything else as read without even looking. Not reading blogs/knowing what's happening is kinda liberating. It made me want to move to Bali, haha.


P R I M O E Z A said...

glad you had a great time! looking forward to seeing more pics - no pressure ;)

re: where to live, from my experience I say follow your heart. cliched but true. safe options are never the best- except that is if safety is your main priority.

i totally take responsibility for any stendahl syndrome you may have :) and yes, being without a computer makes you realise that there IS life on the other side!

Anonymous said...

Welcome back! I'm glad you liked NY. =) I can't wait to see the pictures.

And I'm with you on the in the moment ideas. It's totally my motto this summer and so far it has been doing me good. I don't feel quite as lazy as I usually do when summer rolls around. I've even got a garden growing! =)

sarah said...

So glad you enjoyed NYC! It's a wonderful place to live...I highly recommend it. ;) I feel like I just moved here yesterday but it's been exactly 8 years! There's so much to see and do here, so many'll never tire of its endless options. I agree with Primoeza, safe options are never the best in the long-run. Go with your gut instinct.

STEFANIE said...

I can see you had loads of fun! ^-^ The second pic is super great =) I look forward to seeing more of your pictures!

The Likkle Girl Who Wurves Pwetty Things said...

Good to have you back! And happy to know that you had a fantastic time.

I'm all for living "dangerously" - small sacrifices have to made here and there but things always somehow work out in the end.

Then there's Bali...haha...I've done a lot of living-for-the-moment there, often till my tourist visa ran out. It's very hard to leave.

I hope you figure out what you want to do next soon. xx

Sindy said...

welcome back !!

I would so move to NY if I weren't so afraid of being alone and poor in a huge city that I've never been to :(. I wish you good luck with saving your monies!

denise said...

oh my gosh! you're back! although i already knew you left ): it sucks that we couldnt meet up. sorry its just that im moving back to hong kong TOMORROW, so its been ultra hectic and trying to pack shit and basically move 5 years of my life back in 3 suitcases.

but i cant wait to see your NY pics! i love your photographs so im sure these are going to be amaaaazing

Brigadeiro said...

Glad you enjoyed NYC! I love it there, and even considered moving there for a while! :)

Welcome back!

clairegrenade said...

salsa classes? sign me up!

too awesome, i wish i was back home for the pedestrian lawn chair area :/

cool shades chickadee!!


Allie said...

Hello my little Urps. Glad you had a fun bomb ass trip. I'm so jealous.

And salsa class? sign me up! I could be your partner, I'm certainly tall enough for it LOL. As for me...I'm looking into hip hop classes. That should be interesting.

donna said...

Looking forward to seeing more pictures! If I was a US citizen (I'm workin' on it!) I would def move to NYC, Chicago or Austin, maybe LA. So much opportunity.

It's a real life Choose-Your-Own-Adventure. Good luck :)

Anika said...

Oooh, can't wait to see the rest of the pics. And glad to see you had a blast there....was alot purchased there cough*topshop*cough? :D

p.s. thanks for the compliment. I do nothing with my hair, other than straightening the fringe (all of 30 seconds with a hair straightener :). I actually like yours, how straight and silky it is....

they always say you want what you can't have..

SwanDiamondRose said...

i need to do A LOT of this in the moment stuff this summer. i'm getting too serious!

Mathilde said...

hey katlin!
i'm kind of behind but... i have definitely learnt from experience that the sensible option never really works out to be very sensible if you don't want to do it. the thing you want might be harder and more expensive but it will be worth it!

Mathilde xxx