Friday, July 17, 2009

bamboo banga

Looking through the works of different Japanese bamboo artists, I find myself being drawn to two different styles.

Knotted and tightly wrapped pieces that use a mixture of different thicknesses to create some awesome texture. I wanna run my fingers over these.

Monden Kogyoku, Undulation

Yufu Shohaku, Graceful Dragon

Mimura Chikuho, Hope

And circular forms that allow light to pass through its open centers or slide between slivers of bamboo. I wanna bounce and throw these in the air.

Torii Ippo, Sign of Wind

Monden Yuichi, Flowing

Fujitsuka Shosei, Tide

via TAI Gallery


STEFANIE said...

I've actually never seen bamboo works like these! Love the first one!

WendyB said...

Beautiful pieces!

Lauren said...

Woah, those are cool. Hah, I sound dumb, but the comment is true.

Jacqueline said...

wow this is just breathtaking... japanese art always graps my attention as well <3