Friday, July 3, 2009


Mmmm, pretty clothes. MMMMMMMMMM, wood chip floor + tulips.

Anna-Sara Dåvik A/W 09-10


miss d said...

purdy.... wish our floors could look like that.... including the tulips and nice expensive clothes.. hehehe

denise said...

beautiful catwalk..i think i'll go and just throw some flowers around now tyvm.

Anika said...

lol, I know, I'm more taken by the wonderful floor and furnishings (aka the flowers :)

Hope you had a lovely weekend bella

Anonymous said...

that is quite beautiful.

KATLIN said...

miss d - me, too! that would be so awesome to have that as our floors and just throw flowers on the ground and then dance on it in these clothes!

denise - oh, do so and take some pics!

anika - thx dear! you, too!!

dana - i know, the floor i what really got me!!