Saturday, August 22, 2009

it's not august 31

But I just bought Little Dragon's new album, Machine Dreams on iTunes. On their Myspace it says it comes out August 31 and on Amazon you can pre-order the CD and receive it in September. I feel like this is some secret slip or major fuck up. Nonetheless, I'm happy to finally have some new Little Dragon in my ears! I'm usually not into the whole electronic thing, but Yukimi Nagano's voice is so hauntingly beautiful I have no choice but to close my eyes and get lost in it. "Feather" might just replace "Recommendation" as my #1 Little Dragon song.

Oh, and Yukimi's boyfriend is Jose Gonzalez. Can there ever be a more perfect marriage of honeyed voices? They need to do some official duets!


Anonymous said...

i love electronic music, but i've never heard of them. i think i'll listen!

Holly said...

awwwhhh!! that's a cute pic of them:)

konveksi surabaya said...

so cute pic sis