Monday, August 17, 2009

marly kruytzer

What is this stretchy meshy wire tubing called? I bought 8 feet of it when I was in New York and also got a strand of pyrite and gave it to my mom to make me something. She told me to get her beads for earrings and I got her stuff to make for me instead, haha. But she made me an awesome necklace that I'm always so scared to wear. The pyrite has some weight, so it pulls on the delicate mesh tube, and the pyrite is also rough, so I have to wear something that won't easily snag. Marly's necklaces look like they have some more balance to it. That is, if you like wearing marbles around your neck or a casual wire shrug to keep you warm. Which is totally what I want in life.


1 comment:

denise said...

hahahaa it's like:
"whatcha doingg??"
"oh nothing, yknow, just chilling out with some wire mesh around mah neck"