Monday, August 10, 2009

thelma aviani

Born in Brasilia, 1972
13 summer vacations in Bahia
42 days with the Kayapó-Xicrin, 1995 – 1996
BA in Architecture from the University of Brasilia, 1997
Flute classes with Odette Ernest Dias, 2000
3 days diving in Abrolhos, 2000
Gold and Silversmithing Honours from RMIT, Australia, 2002
Artistic Jewellery Cicle Formatiu at the Massana School, Barcelona, 2007
Exhibitions in Australia, Finland, Spain, Holland, Germany, USA, Brazil, Switzerland, and Italy
Rowing on Lake Paranoá since 2008

Thelma Aviani


Amanda said...

really amazing these!

Anonymous said...

Once again you always have the coolest jewelry on your blog. I am in love with that first one! It's beautiful!

Sal said...

I'm full up on rings, but still just FLOORED by both of these gorgeous designs.

May Kasahara said...

jesus christ.

Shay said...

These are gorgeous! What lovely design...

Thelma said...

Thank you very much!

G Ferris said...

Not surprised you have an architecture degree! I do too and love your designs, particularly the thin cross lines, over and between your fingers. Excellent design and I'll be watching you!