Tuesday, September 8, 2009

google yields great results

Awhile back I wanted a tattoo of a lion with octopus tentacles for its mane because I'm a Leo and I love the number eight. My brother was too lazy to draw it for me, so I Googled 'lion octopus' and this amazing creation was brought to my attention.

And because I love this fine illustration so much, I'm leaving it up while I'll be away in Los Angeles and San Diego! See you in a week, dudes.


Sal said...

Awesome. Just plain awesome.

donna said...

I think, besides the tenticles, the best part of that drawing is the FLEXICO copyright hahah.

donna said...

PS. Have a great trip!

Anika said...

Thats a funky pic, nice.

Have fun on your trip :)


denise said...

HAHAHAA omg that is too funny. and im guessing you SAVED the picture since you still have it till now!! hahaha so good.

P R I M O E Z A said...

cute. no. 8 is my number too.
are you having a holiday? hope it's a good one :)