Friday, September 25, 2009


Friday afternoons

Inversion top from Take Off Your Clothes

Checking off the list with Holly

Sasha just finished her first film and commercial and is now going to be in her first play



No pudge brownies = pseudo chocolate mochi

Le Baron rides

Loafing life <3


Allie said...

Your top is so cute! Clicking the link now.

And you need to get all your work done so we can hang out on weeknights!!!

KATLIN said...

Allie - Ah, I know! I'm so sorry about the other night! Beer tasting next month!

Holly said...

great post! loaf the pics and loafing life too! im lucky to have quaysee friends:) we must check off more things on our lists ASAP.

denise said...

aww yay looks so fun!! that top is awesome..youre making me spend money -.-

tis serendipity said...

haha such awesome photos!! the first one is hilarious... i do love the rainbows in raindrops!! X)