Sunday, September 20, 2009


Plastic trash vortex TWICE the size of Texas. Floating in the Pacific Ocean between Hawai'i and California.

Reduce people, REDUCE.

(Since this is mostly a fashion blog, you'd think I'd be a wasteful person, especially with my last post of just STUFF, but I'm really not. I hardly shop and buy only what speaks to me and what I can afford.)


denise said...

omg WHAT!?!?!?!? Twice the size of Texas?!?!?! and wait..that thing in the pic isn't meant to be it right?? cos i was like..dude..those floaty things are huge if that thing is meant to be 2x texas. okay maybe im just being stupid hahaa

yeah im all for saving the environment. don't use plastic bags and take the napkins/tissues from restaurants that you've barely used to wipe up your dogs poop!

KATLIN said...

denise - so i was thinking the same thing about the pic, but it was the only one they had and it was on national geo. so i'm thinking it has to be legit? if so, those are huuumongo buoys!

Allie said...

Oh gosh. least I got my coffee in a reusable mug today?

Will google this ASAP.

Allie said...


Allie said...

Ok, I'm html shit. The link doesn't work. But the url should be correct.

Awful :(