Thursday, October 1, 2009


"It's gonna be a place where only the things you want to happen, would happen."
"We can totally build a place like that!"
- Where the Wild Things Are

"Where do you want to go?"
"Anywhere that is wild."
- John Muir


miss a. said...

Ahhhhhh! Can't wait for this to come out! But #1 on my must-see list is still Tim Burton's "Alice in Wonderland."

STEFANIE said...

can't wait either! I want to see it NOW! ^-^ EEK and you're moving to NYC! How exciting!! You will of course need a Jas M.B. bag, that's for sure ;)

Sal said...

I could not be more excited for this film.

MARISA said...

haha my all time fav quote is from this movie and its actually on my blog

love these ones too


denise said...

i want the GIRL Skateboard decksssssssssssssss