Saturday, November 28, 2009


Saw this on the wall in the library.

Then Bird sent me an email with this Mociun shirt that I want SO bad.

Like REALLY bad. Is it worth it?


Amanda said...

i think it's beautiful..if you decide to get it, light vision has it plus they are having a 20% black friday sale this wknd (enter "blackfriday" at checkout) so it will knock down the price by almost $50

STEFANIE said...

I looove galaxy prints on clothes :) :)

Farren said...

yes yes yes! anything galaxy is a yes! if i would look good in that i would ttly get it but i just can't see my big boobs fitting in that. ugh. =/

sharonlei said...

That shirt is sooo dreamy. You can get it as an early Christmas pressie to yourself. :)

denise said...

oh wow amazing. def. get it! I'm currently on the hunt for some fabrics with amazing prints like this but so hard to find ):

**La Luminata** said...

This is a really cool unusual shirt, where is it from?

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Faridah said...

Galaxy is so hot!!!