Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Ed Levin cuff, 1960's

Charles de Temple ring, 1950's

Coreen necklace, 1980's

Francis Higgins necklace, 1960's

Ed Wiener cuff bracelet, 1950's

Pierre Cardin cuff bracelet, 1970's

Ed Wiener earrings, 1950's

If you got money, buy these all at 1st Dibs


denise said...

dude that ring is amazing. i love that shit is OOZING out of it

Amanda said...

so into the silver cuffs you chose to post- man i wish i had some bucks layin around

SwanDiamondRose said...

i love that ring. my mom had or probably still has alot of 60s 70s jewellery that was really kind of aggressive and modern. it reminds me of some of the pieces here.

Nadine said...

How much is that Coreen necklace going for these days?