Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Sometimes I wish I could capture entire moments, with all five senses intact. I would especially like to remember how (naïvely?) optimistic I was about moving here. I need that wide-eyed feeling again! Anika Smulovitz interprets this "human desire to label and collect all aspects of our surroundings" through her herbarium specimen rings that encase an element of nature in glass to preserve its qualities... though the feeling is short lived. I guess I'm better off with present moments, anyway. Time for me to move on forward!

Oh, and this won't be the last time I'm posting the work of the talented Anika Smulovitz -- she executes her thought-provoking concepts extremely well!


P R I M O E Z A said...

these are gorgeous.

Solona said...

I'm realy interested in moving my shiz out to NY....wondering why you said that you lost the naivate you felt when you first bad is it?