Wednesday, February 2, 2011

little dragon

Celebrated one year in New York by seeing Little Dragon perform at the Bowery.
I'm girl crushing on Yukimi Nagano hard.

P.S. She even has her own blog and sometimes she posts about her favorite jewelry designers. Swoooon.

Images via Brooklyn Vegan


Allie said...

It's been a year already?? I feel like we were just dreamsicleing it up in chinatown not too long ago. and talking about pochacco! Or was pochacco in NY?

P R I M O E Z A said...

i saw them not so long ago as well. how cute is yukimi?
oh, and thanks for the mention below :)

Katlin said...

allie - time sure has flown! and i don't remember when we were even talking about pochacco, haha!

elizabeth - oh man, i was mesmerized by her the whole show!!

Zoë said...

I saw them 2-3 years ago for the first time. She is just amazing, I was so jealous of her dancing around on bare feet! They're coming to Brussels again in a few months, got to go!
I must check out her blog as well :)