Wednesday, April 27, 2011

resting place

I am loving Wynde Dyer's bench!
Anyone have tips on how I could DIY this -- specifically attaching wood to acrylic or plastic?

Found on: Design For Mankind
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evencleveland said...

I think those might be glass blocks, the kind they use in industrial windows?

I bet they would work.

Katlin said...

stephanie - thanks! gonna head to home depot and get some inspiration :)

Wynde said...


Thanks for enjoying!

They are open-topped vintage glass blocks, about 13 x 13 x 4, a little sturdier and less breakable than the modern variety, and a little pricier unless you find them from someone who's not aware of what they are.

The shelves are freestanding stack laminate (i.e. lots of scraps of plywood, stacked, glued together, cut, sanded, and sealed) slabs. My friend, Jay Cryer, builds them for about $50-$80 a pop, tables for $150-$500, and countertops for $1200-$3400.

Good luck making yours!


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