Wednesday, May 7, 2008


My cross-cultural class was usually a snore, but when my professor introduced the Ndebele people to the class last term, their use of bold, mostly primary, colors definitely perked me up.

I love bright colors and playing with contrasting colors, which sadly doesn't show in my mostly monochromatic wardrobe (I really need to work on that). However, the Ndebele people really inspired me as I saw pictures of them and their surroundings. As my professor was going through the slides I felt an urge to buy some beads and blue and yellow paint to create my own stunning art. I wish I had kept my notes from the class so I could share some interesting information with you, but I have a tendency to tear out the pages from my notebook and use the remaining for the next term.

And I'm not the only one finding inspiration in their colors and shapes. Susie Bubble and Diane Pernet both mentioned a Ndebele inspired by collection by Stella Valentic and Julie Kechichian at the Hyeres Festival.

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