Friday, June 20, 2008

Is Racism Still an Issue? Yes, Thanks to This Ignorant Commenter

The following comment is not mine and was written by someone in response to CitizenSugar's blog post about racism.

Why should TV execs sit down and say "okay we need X amount of black shows, X amount of white, X amount of asian, X amount of latinos" and so on and so forth? SO what if the networks are whiter than the national average of caucasians to minorities? All that should matter is does the show work, is it funny-dramatic-action packed not "is there enough black people on it" ridiculous.

Blacks Have BET, you dont see me freaking out that the percentage of whites on there is minimal? why? cause its a waste of time.

I think the SockObama is very tongue in cheek but funny and nothing to get riled up about.

Is racism still an issue? i am sure in some places it is, but in the nation as a whole? No.


People like this make me so mad! And how can you say that racism is not an issue in the nation as a whole? Clearly said by someone who has never experienced or even tried to understand the struggles of minorities.

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allison said...

This is so very ignorant, but unfortunately not uncommon. I was reading Jezebel and this guy was saying how "if only everyone in government was a white man, then we wouldn't have to focus on issues of race."

um...excuse me? What he fails to realize is that white men have interests targeted to white men. The reason behind representation of any kind, in government, in the media, is so that people's specific needs based on their race, class, and gender, are met. It also presupposes that the "norm" is to be white and male, and anyone else (female, japanese, black, hispanic, whatever) is some special interest group.

Soooo annoying.