Friday, June 20, 2008

Egypt, Egypt, Everywhere

Anyone that knows me well, knows my odd obsession with Egypt!

It all started my freshman year in high school (2001) and later became my domain name for a popular networking site, the name stitched on my cheerleading jacket, what I introduced myself as to some, and me drawing pyramids as my trademark.

In April I designed an Egyptian inspired t-shirt line using Illustrator for a computer apparel design class.

I'm not trying to brag at all about my Illustrator skills (which are clearly elementary) or my sixth fashion sense (which is also elementary level), but I think Egypt inspiring fashion is gonna be a trend in the making!

Refinery29 even gave King Tut a special shout-out.


Anonymous said...

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CRISTA said...

I've been dying to go to Egypt, forever!!!! It's is my top 3 of where I want to vist!!!

Cool blog .. trade links?

Wendy said...

I remember seeing an Egyptian fashion spread from a couple years back, it was so cool.


that is very cool, Egyptian clothing is decadent and luxurious. =) thanks for your comment, very sweet <3

saray said...

I love egypt I was there sooo many times!
but in the last 7 years it's to dangerous for me to go there as a girl from Israel!

Katlin said...

Wendy- I think I might know which one you are referring to! It has a lot of blue clothes, wavy hair pushed back with a headband, gold accents, armbands, etc. I actually have a tear out of one of the pages on my closet at my mom's house!

Julie said...

You're designs are cool. I can see why you would be inspired by Egypt. It has always seemed kind of mysterious and cool to me.