Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Is the Economy So Bad...

Marc Jacobs / Preen / Jeremy Laing

...that we can't afford thicker fabrics and bras?

And Erin Wasson doesn't seem to wear one either, so you know what that means... more bralessness to ensue. I just hope I don't into a braless girl when I'm with my dad, ew.


Anonymous said...

Hahahahaha... I'm all for seeing Freja's boobies! LOL. Then again there is always sheer boobie showing fabrics on the runways every damn season. Hah.

I'm more interested in that Preen skirt though. Zipper love in something other than black. =)

miss a. said...


But I have to admit that going braless is definitely a kind of freedom. Of course, it helps when you don't really have a chest to worry about (moi).