Wednesday, September 10, 2008

You Smell Like a Cloud

Ohne Titel / Jeremy Laing / Proenza Schouler

True conversation today:
Me: You smell like a cloud.
Friend: Really? ... Wow.
Me: Dude, I'm just joking! You know how random I am.
Friend: No, wow, I smell like a cloud. I'm gonna put that on my Myspace quotes!
Me: I'm freaking kidding, you do not smell like a cloud! Since when do you believe anything that comes out of my mouth?
Friend: There's some truth to what you say.
Me: I also just said your dog has rabies.


ryder said...

ohne title... i can not belive that till few days ago i still dint know what ohne title is. i was like: is that some statements when i saw ad campaigns or something... i thought that because of the translation: without the title. i was very much surprised and amazed when i "discovered" them. how silly am i??? they amazed e with their colors, fabrics and simplicity and gracefulness of their clothes.

Vain and Vapid said...

That Thaikoon collection is so amazing. I loved Proenza too. So many airy pastels for spring.

The Clothes Horse said...

The real question is: what do clouds smell like?