Friday, September 26, 2008

More "Multi-Taskers" on the Road

Some lady here in Hawai'i caught a bus driver on her camera phone playing a video game while he was driving the bus.

I've never seen my bus driver play a video game, but I have witnessed them answering their cell phones and talking really loudly about stuff like what's for dinner.

On Monday I was on a bus with a really unattentive driver. I requested a stop and realized that wasn't where I wanted to go. And good thing it wasn't because he drove right past it! He did stop at where I wanted to get off, but now he didn't give me enough time to open those stupid doors! So I had to walk to the front and tell him to let me off. He was at least nice enough to pull over and let me out instead of dropping me off at the next stop which was two blocks away.

My mom would be so pissed about this too. I'm be going home this weekend, so I'll be keeping track of her words of wisdom to share with the world!