Sunday, September 7, 2008

Contrasting Plackets, Dusty Colors, Egypt

(Abaete / Rag & Bone)

(Alexander Wang / Daughters by Obedient Sons)

I'm really glad Alexander Wang added some softer elements to his collection.

And these just because of it's Egypt references!

(Vena Cava)

Just a note- these aren't my trend predictions. I tend to stick with what I like (a little too much sometimes) and end up with multiples of things, hence me finding more than one thing of the same thing, often in pairs.

Cuffs at Alexander Wang
Seriously sublime textiles at ThreeAsFour
Shoes at Réyes
Bow dress at United Bamboo
This look seems so familiar... ?
Ew, camel toe at Rock & Republic
High, messy buns at Jenni Kayne
Hats at Jason Wu
Yay, suspenders on girls!

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Dapper Kid said...

Loove the Abaete dress! And the Alexander Wang and Obedient Sons outfits are so beautiful.

The Clothes Horse said...

Great coverage. I love it all.

Anonymous said...

ooh. i was a big fan of obedient sons. =) i'm going to make a post right after this actually! hehehe.

and aloha to you as well (i'll be cheesy along with you! =) ). i'm doing fine. how about you?

we definitely do need to meet someday. i absolutely have no friends who are into fashion! sheez. =/ haha. and dont' worry i am in the same boat as you! i just went a bit crazy with the spending and i need to lay low for awhile. teh wallet will thank me. haha. plus i'm saving up to buy like all the alice + olivia sandals from payless. lol! if i weren't impatient i'd just put them on my christmas wish list. but, i want them now!

and now i went off track. haha.

online shopping is totally the devil!

how are you feeling about nyfashionweek?