Sunday, September 21, 2008


Ate breadsticks and pasta from Pizza Hut for dinner.
Had lots of chocolate candies from Carousel Candyland.
Completely forgot that I already had dinner plans later tonight with friends.

Ugh, too much food. I need to go drink some green tea to clear the crap out before my second dinner.



you ate breadsticks and pasta from pizza hut but no pizza!! haha

Kira Fashion said...


I really know what you mean..sometimes i feel like this and i drink a lot of green tea too! heheh

What a great blog!
love it!
Thanks a lot for passing at mine and let´s keep in touch!

a kiss,
see you,

Anonymous said...

i just ate a veggie lover's personal pan pizza from pizza hut. <3

Nature Grafitti said...

oooo i hope you feel better!!
green tea is lovely, i honestly drink about five cups a day

Anonymous said...

I heard the pasta from Pizza Hut was disgusting. Any word on that?