Saturday, October 4, 2008

Back to Work

Readers, meet my body.

Yes, it's my first outfit post. I've always been hesitant to do these because I feel awkward doing it and awkward knowing that there are people I know/will run into reading this. Butttt, oh well!

So, this is what I wore to work today. Yes, WORK! Business has picked up at the consignment store I work at and the owner has been really busy, so I'm going to start getting my hours back. Hopefully steady hours in the near future because I really like working there and the customers never fail to amuse me!

Crochet dress, Roxy. Gray dress underneath, AA. Sweater vest, hand me down Abercrombie. Chopsticks necklace, from an Oregon Arts Festival. Bracelet, made by my uncle. Barefoot, because I want to.

My new favorite ring that I bought at my store today! I am in loveeee with it.

Oh, oops, I broke my shopping rule! And I think it's going to happen more now that I'm surrounded by amazing clothes and accessories.


Anonymous said...

yay! an outfit post! hehe. =) you know those surf brands are stepping it up. the past 2 or 3 years they've been churning out some amazing stuff. before roxy and hurley and volcom and that shiz were just tshirts and jeans. but they've stepped it up. i always find myself drawn to hurley and volcom stuff. <3 and so i totally love that dress. and that ring! ugh! i wish i could just slip you some money so you could pick me up awesome stuff like that ring! ugh! that ring. <3 lucky owner!

enc said...

That's a cute outfit. I'm glad to hear you're working more, because that means a bigger paycheck for you.

Letitia said...

hey Kaitlin, I hate to break this to you...but you have no head! now dont panic, I am sure its just a birth defect and your family protected you all these years by hiding all mirrors..come to me and I'll fix you up with a hot mannequin head!

the outfit is super cute though..minus the no head thing :)

The Stylish Wanderer said...

outfit posts are so much fun, and youll get to loving them.

I like the bracelets

MOLLY GRAY said...

i love the ring too. is amazing!!!

DaisyChain said...

Wonderful outfit, and I adore the ring!