Saturday, November 22, 2008

Breakfast of Champions

I know what you're thinking.

Avocados in your cereal? Are you effing crazy?

Well, yes, I am a little crazy, but I wouldn't be sharing this with you if it didn't taste good! Seriously though, it has the perfect balance: crunchy and soft, sweet and creamy. And it's a good power breakfast!

Big thanks to gliffyfille for recommending this to me in my avocado post!

Okay, now I'm off to eat this for dinner... see how versatile this meal is!


Anonymous said...

Haha -- I will try most things when it comes to food. But, avocados with your cereal? I will take your word for it that it is good so I don't have to go and try it myself. LOL.

gliffyfille said...

omg haha! :D
looking at that makes me sooo hungry!!! my avocados aren't ripe yet though! :(! haha

J. said...

this will come in handy one day. i don't know when, but someday i will be sitting in a kitchen with nothing but corn flakes and an avocado. and i will remember this. :)

withasianstereotypes said...

This does come across as atypical >.> but so interesting! I will have to give it a shot babycakes.


Meg said...

I love avacado. And if you don't feel like eating it, it does amazing things for your in applied.

PS. I love green tea when I'm sick too!

Divinity Avenue said...

Avocados are the best food ever.

Jessica said...

avocadoes = yummy.
I think i'll try this !
Try putting olive in your chocolate ice cream ! haha i really did this when i was younger. I don't have the guts to do it anymore