Sunday, January 25, 2009


It's crazy when people are rich enough to buy insane home accessories like this red mop rug. Such a bitch to clean because it would soak everything up. There was also a $57,860 sofa there.

Oh, and I ran into Hot Bot while I was here! Such a sweet girl, hope to see your face more often!

The next day mom brought me my usual from Sakura in Aiea. Chiso musubi, tofu salad, kabocha, choi sum and grilled salmon. Thanks, mom!

Followed by some haupia (coconut) yogurt!


May Kasahara said...

oh mannnnnnnnnn you just made me hungry for homestyle food!

Sal said...

That rug DOES look like it'd be a bitch to clean ... but so fun to roll around on. Preferably naked.

Anonymous said...

i want to sleep on that rug! =) but, that is definitely an insane price for a sofa. whaa?! and your food looks delicious. i want to eat it off my computer screen.

Hot Bot said...

Did you buy anything at the event? I almost went back so I could go back to Catherine's booth cuz she showed me this SIIIIIIICK snake necklace. It scared me at the time, but I think I may have to see if she still has it.

Sindy said...

$57,860 for a sofa?!?!.. WUUUTT. that can buy a niiice car. or a something.

happy chinese new yearrrr!

miss a. said...

That rug looks AMAZING. Also, if you decided to kill someone, no one would be able to tell. Of course it also probably smell.

KATLIN said...

May- A new Hawai'i friend! Hi!!

Sal- Hahaha, rolling naked on it would be fabulous!!

Farren- Hope it tasted good!

Hot Bot- I bought nada... too broke and didn't see anything that I really fell in love with. That necklace sounds nice, Catherine always has such amazing stuff!

Sindy- Happy Chinese New Year to you, too!

miss a.- Hmm... maybe I will just say it's a blood mop rug. You know, like those obscure art pieces? Haha.

jaime said...

haha that is insane, but you do look uber cute next to that bright red!