Tuesday, February 17, 2009

thanks, star market!

Meadow Gold yogurt, 10 for $7 at Star Market!
I got my favorite flavors: haupia, lychee and guava.

+got some guava coconut jam
+more lilikoi butter since I ate all of Sasha's!

Okay, now I'll stop avoiding the inevitable and go study for my exam!


kris said...


KATLIN said...

Kris - You know how I do! I bought a little too much there, my shoulder was so sore when I got home and a few seams even popped on my shopping bag! P.S. I MISS YOU! :)

miss d said...

ooh i got you hooked on that yummy butter!!! i see more hummus!!!

the lychee isnt to tart for you? i remember eatin it and couldn't relax the pucker look i had on my face...

also thanks for askin if i wanted anything... u da best!

fyi: my word verification is: ballin.... wtf!

Hot Bot said...

Good luck on the exam!

Anonymous said...

mmmm guava!!!

KATLIN said...

Miss D - Naw, I like the lychee, but the haupia is my favefavefave and then the guava.

Hot Bot - Thanks, I'll need it because here I am NOT studying! haha

K - I'm not usually a guava person (when I think of it I imagine Hawaiian Sun guava juice which is really pulpy), but I love this yogurt! And the guava coconut jam is sooo yum, I could just eat it from the jar!

Brook and Lyn said...

What interesting flavors...never had any of those. Good luck on your exams.

STEFANIE said...

yuuuuum ^-^
oh hope your do good with your exam!!