Sunday, November 15, 2009

my favorite ever

Once again, the silver jewelry from the minorities of China never fail to amaze my brains. I mean, even the babies wear spiky headpieces and just look at that craftsmanship in the coiled necklaces! I'm always exploring, but I end up returning to the silver pieces from the minorities of China. The elaborateness of it all compared to their humble lifestyle; this is why I love ethnic jewelry.

Miao women, Shidong Village

Geija Miao

Li women, Hainan Island

Miao, Guizhou

Miao, Guizui Village

From The Art of Silver Jewellery: From the Minorities of China, The Golden Triangle, Mongolia and Tibet

(like my favorite book ever, if you didn't already notice)


denise said...

those headdresses are NOT playing around and that babies head piece?? i cant help but think of like bulbasaur or sth hahaha

P R I M O E Z A said...

you've got your necklaces in a shop now? cool!

Anika said...

Absolutely beautiful, and steeped in such tradition and culture too. All the more priceless, me thinks.
The Kenyan Maasais do it too...and I adore and covet their jewellery.

Have a great one. I feel like I haven't commented in've you been? :)

donna said...

"ohh myyy lorrrd"

Sindy said...

Ohhhmahhgahh those earings. must be heavy...

alison said...

Wow the jewelry is incredible. I love seeing what other culture's view as beautiful, it's always so intriguing & interesting. Thanks for sharing these!

Anna Marie said...

wow, this blows me away. really beautiful, thanks for sharing!