Sunday, September 7, 2008

Lazy Weekend

I wish I got a better picture of this yellow Beetle with its colorful suitcases, it was just too cute!

I found this edamame hummus at a farmer's market and had to get it because when do you ever see edamame and hummus together? I love stuff like that. Ate it on toast with a spinach omelette.

And remember these cuffs at A. Wang that I said I liked?
Well supposedly Erin designed them. (Crap, I can't remember where I read it, sorry!)

But Kate Lanphear's Eddie Borgo pyramid bracelet beauty trumps Wang/Wasson cuffs in my book! Because, uh, they're pyramids!

via super.fantastic.picture.time

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Anonymous said...

i've never eaten hummus before. can you believe that? lol.

i don't know about not wearable -- because i'd totally wear that floral blazer and pants. together. any day of the week. <3 haha. seriously!

the ny collections make me definitely want to buy as well. i want some matching tops and bottoms. i like that! it is so kindergaretn where you buy the set of shorts and top and they both go together. do you remember that? of course in a lot more chic way. but it still brings me back to little kid days!

for me i'm excited for rodarte and of course marc by marc. =) but usually i'm just open to everyone. i like the bits and pieces frome ach runway that i just love!