Friday, September 10, 2010

i had it all along

My excuse was that I didn't have any leather or waxed cotton cord. In actuality, I had it bagged up in my box of supplies the whole time I've been in New York!

Generally, I don't take inspiration from anything in particular, but tonight this image from a play directed by Robert Wilson has been lingering in my mind.

And, oddly enough, Fleetwood Mac (Rumours era) and Fever Ray on shuffle have been really doing it for me lately.

So after I sifted through some supplies given to me when I still lived in Hawai'i, I busted out two necklaces. One for me and one for the roomie. I was planning my outfit for tomorrow night around a pair of crazy pants, but I might have to plan it around this new necklace of mine. Or do crazy pants and new necklace. I think I'm FINALLY getting my groove back.


miss d said...

proud of you... keep going.. your on the right path..

love u

Uncle Keola said...

oh how i love the Fleetwood Mac!